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R$ 240 or 12 installments of R$ 23.95 on the card

2000 years ago a teacher entered a synagogue in Galilee! He taught with such authority that even religious people were amazed, because this simple master carpenter broke the paradigms of religion. And on that day the history of all humanity changed, because in the authority of Jesus' teaching, the first captive was freed!

Enroll and come and discover what the wise men who knew Yeshua called: “The new doctrine!”

Get on board, come and participate in this great revolution with classes taught from Galilee by Yacov Stein and from the USA / Brazil with Ludwig Goulart!

The first course is already released, it is called FROM BOAZ TO DAVI, FROM DAVID TO JESUS - an incredible study with prophetic content that addresses the relationship between Israel and the Church, God's judgment on the Earth, the restoration of all things , with an emphasis on the Book of Ruth! There are 13 classes - totaling 6 hours and 31 minutes of teaching.

Other themes are already in production and will be added at no extra cost to the annual subscription buyer. Sign up now and have access to teaching that will certainly change the way you see the scriptures!

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